Supplier Services

DCS, Inc. has been in the brokerage business for over 28 years. Since 1986 we have evolved from two local brokerage companies into one regional sales and marketing organization. In 2011 we became one of the founding members of Premier Broker Partners which provides national representation for our suppliers. We continue to develop new methods to enhance the services we can provide our principals. Our proven success and expertise in our market reduces your time management while maximizing field sales results.

  • Our relationships which have been built in our territory over decades provide us the trade equity to bring your products to market successfully

  • Our internal support staff manages promotions, rebate processing and fulfillment and deduction management for our suppliers

  • Management of local budgets using Synectics, Siebel, Citrix, Oracle, Gelco and cPro web based systems as well as maintenance, and implementation of supplier local market development funds

  • Communication of national and regional promotions and supplier growth programs

  • Supplier Marketing Support Services including local POS development, order forms, etc

  • DCS, Inc. is proficient at utilizing supplier data services such as Custom Data, Blue World & Sales Discovery to target specific promotions & identify product/operator opportunities